Time To Heal - TestimonialI have done many disciplines over the years, including therapy, massage, astrological readings, and yoga in order to find a balance between my inner world and the outer world that I live in. While each of these have afforded me increased understanding of my inner world, they seemed lacking in improving how I interact with others. Since I have been working with Charlene, we have done hypnosis, chakra balancing, kinesiology, and EFT. Each one of these has afforded me a profound improvement in not only how I interact with others, but especially in how others interact with me! I also feel much better physically and have a lot more energy.

Time To Heal - TestimonialI went to Charlene for extreme pain from a torn rotator cuff. I was on strong pain medication for 2 years and my shoulder not only did not get better it just kept getting re-injured. The hands on healing work that Charlene does healed the shoulder and I am now off of the pain medication. She also did some emotional healing techniques which helped me to release old emotional issues from my past. This helped me to heal physically as well as emotionally. I am now no longer taking a stress remedy that I used to have to take regularly.

B.W., Albuquerque, NM

I have been working with Charlene regularly for over a year, and have enjoyed wonderful new levels of WELL-BEING. As a result of Charlene’s treatments, I am CALMER and have received many NEW INSIGHTS which have contributed to POWERFUL GROWTH EXPERIENCES. I am able to live life in wonderful new ways. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a shift.

L.A.K., Albuquerque, NM

I was very depressed, always tired and had low self-esteem and no motivation when I first wentTime To Heal - Testimonial to Charlene for HYPNOTHERAPY and ENERGY WORK. After only a few sessions I felt much lighter, happier and physically healthier. The hypnotherapy and energy work greatly IMPROVED MY SELF-ESTEEM and RELEASED OLD EMOTIONAL BLOCKS & LIMITING BELIEFS that I had about myself from my past. She also balanced my hormones with NATURAL HORMONE THERAPY which was part of the depression issue. She also did natural THYROID THERAPY to improve my metabolism to help me to lose weight.

I highly recommend Charlene to anyone for any physical and emotional issue.

Hadeel A. – Albuquerque

I had a recurring foot issue and knee pain. Charlene did LONG DISTANCE ENERGY HEALING on me. I felt the energy flow, every bit as strong as when she has worked on me in person. I fell asleep easily that night and slept deeply. When I awoke the next morning to the sound of the alarm, I got out of bed rushing to turn it off. It was then that I realized I hadn’t hobbled to the alarm. That was the first in a long time!

Charlene then called me later that day to let me know of her findings during my session. I had an EMOTIONAL ISSUE from my past that I had buried and it was causing physical issues in my body. She also found was that I had LOW PROGESTERONE levels and needed to do some natural hormone therapy to raise my progesterone levels. I also had some MERIDIANS & CHAKRAS out of balance which she energetically cleared and balanced.
Charlene is like a ONE STOP SHOP FOR HEALING. She can not only help with physical issues, she can help you to release old emotional issues that have resulted in NEGATIVE AND LIMITING BELIEFS about yourself.

Thank you Charlene for being so much to so many.

V.L.-Edgewood, NM

I have known Charlene for only a few months, however, I have used her healing services and find her to be an expert in her field. She has provided healing and hope in a near desperate situation. I was severely depressed and felt like there was no where to turn. Charlene provided long distance energy sessions to me and I highly recommend her sessions to anyone. You will find that a few sessions with her can accomplish what years of traditional therapies cannot.

Virginia K., Rio Rancho, NM

I am amazed at how wonderful I have felt physically and emotionally. I had nearly given up hope of ever feeling fully healthy again and having any energy until I began seeing Charlene. Traditional Western medicine had not helped. Seeing a natural homeopathic Doctor started to turn things around but still left me feeling out of balance and with continued pain. Charlene is the one who has CLEARED UP MY ALLERGIES (which I had struggled with since I was a child), BALANCED my HORMONES, BLOOD SUGAR, THYROID and has helped RELIEVE PAIN in my knees and in my pelvic area. Charlene has helped me attain a level of physical health that I never thought was possible before! I highly and confidently recommend seeing her for both physical and emotional issues.

Cheryl B., Rio Rancho, NM

Time To Heal - TestimonialI first learned of Quantum Touch this past November. I was complaining about my hand which I broke some ten years ago. Charlene did a short ten minute session. She took my hand in hers and not even a minute into the session I felt a warm sensation envelope my entire hand. Five minutes into the session I felt NO PAIN and the rest of my body began to relax. I have done a couple of sessions with Charlene now and would recommend her to anyone with CHRONIC PAIN. I truly believe that Quantum Touch and the sharing of energy between the practitioner and patient can encourage healing on many levels.

Chris A., Albuquerque, NM

Time to Heal - TestimonialI am happy to provide a reference for Charlene Lewis. I was a smoker for over 18 years and was constantly going to a doctor for chronic sinus infections, strep throat and just about any ailment that involved my sinuses or throat, including but not limited to laryngitis, horrible headaches,   coughing, wheezing, fatigue, etc . I quit smoking on January 1, 2008. I continued to suffer with the same symptoms for months after I quit. I made an appointment with Charlene in September of 2008, and have seen her regularly since. I can honestly say that I CAN BREATHE!!  I do not suffer from HEADACHES, WHEEZING, LARYNGITIS or any of the chronic sinus problems I had previously. Charlene has given me a NEW LEASE ON LIFE and I will continue to see her as an ongoing treatment provider. I have not had to see a regular doctor since she has been working with me. I am convinced that Charlene is in tune with my body and it’s needs. I cannot say enough about her and her practice. I would be happy to speak to anyone about my experience with her.

Therese Q., New Mexico

After experiencing back pain for many years, without painful adjustments Charlene was able to ALIGN the MUSCLES and eliminate the discomfort I was feeling with Kinesiology and energy work. Immediately after one session you feel an IMPROVEMENT PHYSICALLY and EMOTIONALLY with your health and well being. Sometimes Charlene works on me long distance and it is equally effective as a hands-on appointment.

Kristal S., Taylor Ranch, NM.


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