CURRENT SPECIAL: $39 per half hour for all services except hypnosis and home and office clearings. Hypnosis $132 for first session which is 90 minutes. Subsequent sessions which are an hour $117.

SERVICES – Reiki & Quantum Touch Sessions (Energy Healing), Clearing of Ancestral DNA, Clearing of Emotional Blocks as well as Fears and Phobias, Getting Unstuck and Moving Forward on Your Path, Finding Your Life Purpose, Mediumship Sessions (connecting with loved ones who have passed), Inner Child Healing, Past Life Readings & Regression, House and office clearings, Hypnotherapy (includes a CD of the hypnosis session to play at home) and Kinesiology.

CHAKRA and MERIDIAN balancing, AURIC field cleanse. Removal of negative energy in your energy body. This can release you from energetic blocks that you didn’t know you were carrying and can help you to move forward on your path. Also, find out which of your chakras are most out of balance and why and how to nurture those chakras.

PAST LIFE READING – Ever wonder if you have lived in other places and in other times and if so what happened in those lives that could help you in your current life? By tuning into your energy field and doing some clearing and balancing I will pick up on these lives and share with you what I am getting. This can be very healing and also can help you to move forward in your current life.

CLEARING ANCESTRAL DNA – Did you know that you can be carrying in your DNA old, negative energies and memories from your ancestors? Don’t we have enough to carry in this life? My forte is both helping my clients to release emotional blocks and baggage from this life but also from past lives and from our ancestors.

MEDIUMSHIP SESSION/CONNECTING WITH LOVED ONES – By connecting with loved ones who have passed and sharing words left unspoken from them and from you or just knowing that they are safe and well can be uplifting and release fears and/or guilt that you may be carrying around a loved ones death.

KINESIOLOGY phone session. By using Kinesiology I can test a client for pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, candida, parasites etc., imbalanced/poor functioning organs (all organs), e.g. low thyroid, weak adrenals, digestive issues, allergies, endocrine system, respiratory system, gallbladder/lymph/liver, skeletal issues and much more. I then recommend herbs and other nutrients that you can obtain at a health food store or online to clear these issues. I may also recommend some diet changes.
These specials are a one-time appointment.


PAYMENT – Cash, Check or Paypal on my website (bottom of this page)

FREE Consultations are available if you have questions. This can be done in person or on the phone. Consults are limited to 20 minutes.




Time to Heal - Packaged Hypnotherapy Sessions with take home hypnosis CD

Hypnotherapy Sessions

By using hypnosis the client is guided into a deep state of relaxation. In this relaxed state the subconscious mind has the ability to let go of old limiting and negative beliefs, habits and patterns that are holding him/her back. It is the perfect tool to lose weight, quit smoking, feel more calm, improved self-esteem, relief from mood issues, past traumas, chronic pain, clarity about one’s path, improved success and much more.

Payment can also be made at your appointment by cash or check.


Group Hypnotherapy

If you have a group of 3 or more I offer group hypnotherapy for quitting smoking and losing weight. The group sessions also include a lesson in Emotional Freedom Technique, information on how to boost your thyroid naturally and much more. The cost for this service is offered for $39 per person.

Payment can also be made at your appointment by cash or check.


Psychic Medium Session/Readings

While doing energy healing (Reiki & Quantum Touch) on clients I started hearing from relatives who had passed who wanted to share something with my clients. It has gotten stronger over the years to the point where I now consider myself a medium. I am now offering readings. These sessions can be very healing especially when one is still grieving and can’t seem to stop or if one just needs to know if the loved one is in the light, if they suffered or if they need to share words that were left unspoken. It gives us a great sense of peace, well being and closure to hear from and to speak to loved ones who have crossed over.

Payment can also be made at your appointment by cash or check.

Inner Child Healing

The Inner Child Healing is a deep healing session to heal the wounded inner child that still resides within.

This session is very powerful. I apply many natural healing methods in the session such as: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Chakra Balancing/Aura Cleansing, Removal of energetic blocks and toxic energy in the etheric, emotional and physical bodies, essential oils and sage. As always with my sessions, intuitive messages from the higher realms and sometimes even from loved ones who have passed are included. YOU WILL CONNECT WITH YOUR INNER CHILD and together we will help him/her to come out of his/her shell, release old hurts and traumas, let go of anger and more. As your INNER CHILD HEALS – YOU HEAL! You will fell more calm, confident and free to move forward on your path.

The results of these sessions are life changing! Number of sessions required varies with each person.

Payment can also be made at your appointment by cash or check.

Energy HealingChakra & Energy Clearing/Balancing Session

This is a one hour session of energy work (clearing and balancing chakras and meridians, removing any negative energetic attachments, entities, toxic-energy and energetic blocks and karmic issues). The energy work can also help to release old emotional trauma as well as reduce & sometimes eliminate physical pain. Session also includes essential oils and crystal healing techniques.

Energy Work & Kinesiology Includes Muscle Testing for Physical Imbalances, Herbal Remedies & Energy Work

Chakra and meridian balancing, plus muscle testing for parasites, candida, fungus, viruses, bacteria, organ imbalances, allergies, hormone imbalance, liver/kidney/colon toxicity, heart/cholesterol/circulation issues, poor thyroid/adrenal function, digestion issues, bladder issues, immune deficiencie and much more. Herbal remedies are prescribed for the imbalances and possibly dietetic changes to help speed up the healing process. (Herbal and nutritional supplements are an additional charge.)

Past Life Healing Session Using Hypnotherapy

Time to heal - Past Life Healing Session Using Hypnotherapy Some of my clients feel that they have issues from a past life/lives that are causing challenges for them in this life. A past life hypnosis regression can bring clarity by seeing a trauma or issue from a past life. After experiencing it in regression you are often able to release it in this life. You do not re-experience the trauma but merely observe it. A number of lifetimes can be seen in one past life hypnotherapy session.

Payment can also be made at your appointment by cash or check.

House/Space Clearing

Unfortunately there are energies and entities in this world that are not only around us, but even residing in houses and other spaces. These energies/entities can wreak havoc in our personal lives, with our health, our finances and even our relationships. If they can cause trouble THEY WILL! I am able, because of my intuition, skills and abilities and simply “the Grace of God” to clear these things in most cases. I have also discovered in my practice that both clients and spaces can have spirits attached to them who for various reasons did not cross over into the light when they died. This is something I facilitate these spirits with along with lots of divine help. I can clear a home/building long distance as well. I do not need to be physically at the location. Pricing starts at $150 and up. Pricing depends on the size of the space and the amount of activity.

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