Psychic Medium Readings

While doing energy healing (Reiki & Quantum Touch) on clients I started hearing from relatives who had passed who wanted to speak to my clients. It has gotten stronger over the years to the point where I now consider myself a medium. I am now offering readings. These sessions can be very healing especially when one is still grieving and can’t seem to stop or if one just needs to know if the loved one is in the light, if they suffered or if they need to share words that were left unspoken. It gives us a great sense of peace, well being and closure to hear from and to speak to loved ones who have crossed over.

The results of these readings can be life changing! CURRENT SPECIAL – $39 PER HALF HOUR

Payment can also be made at your appointment by cash or check.

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Are you tired all the time but don't know why? Do you have trouble sleeping even though you are tired? By connecting with you either in person or over the phone I can find out why you have this issue and what you can do about it. I know what it's like. I used to have this issue myself years ago and it was a "nightmare".