Hypnotherapy by Charlene LewisHypnotherapy is a very relaxing, safe and effective method to assist with losing weight, quitting smoking, letting go of hurt and anger from past traumas, improving self-esteem, releasing negative and unhealthy habits and patterns, chronic pain, limiting beliefs and much more.

The hypnotherapist guides you into a deep state of relaxation.  It is very similar to a guided meditation. In this state of relaxation the subconscious mind is able to let go of negative and limiting beliefs, habits, patterns and fears by gentle prompting from the hypnotherapist.  It is also able to accept NEW positive, healthy habits and routines and healthier beliefs about oneself.  It is an excellent method to help you with almost any issue in your life.  FREE consultations are available if you have questions about this method and what it can help with. $99 for ONE HOUR SESSION. Includes a CD of the session so you can repeat the session at home as often as you like. Hypnosis works best with repetition. Click on “Services” tab for more services and pricing.

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Are you tired all the time but don't know why? Do you have trouble sleeping even though you are tired? By connecting with you either in person or over the phone I can find out why you have this issue and what you can do about it. I know what it's like. I used to have this issue myself years ago and it was a "nightmare".