Time to heal - Charlene's Poems


Forged in fear
My identity was clear
It was to smother
It was to cover
Layer upon layer
Never a prayer
Put out the light
Before it could fight
The real me
No longer to be
My world went dark
Ego made its mark
For this world to see
Thinking this was me
Never mind the heart
It had no part
It had no right
It had no might
Give it no air
Let it not dare
Never to appear
No longer dear
Time passed
Suffering amassed
Then out from the abyss
I cried in bliss
I’m alive
I survive
I have the right
On this holy night
To exist
No point to resist
My time has come
No longer numb
Full of grace
My true face
Is here to stay
For many a day
Ego has lied
Ego has died
In all my glory
Here to tell my story
To help others appear
Without any fear
The time is now
To your heart you must bow
Truth does ring
It is time to sing
The song of your heart
To play your part
In the great shift
To repair the rift
Between you and love
Heart free as a dove

Angels in The Night

Sparkles, flashes, orbs lighting up the darkness
Blessing me before sleep
To what do I owe this honor?
No reason, just unconditional love and light

Can it be? Really?

Divine spirits revealing your light to me
I so appreciate this, this amazing and beautiful display
I truly am blessed
I truly am honored
It brings me to tears and melts my heart

Shine Your Light

Shine your light in this world
It is within you always
It burns brightly
It waits patiently
Waiting for you to acknowledge it
to embrace it, to express it
Like a bird in a cage
It waits to be released
It is who you are
It waits eternally
without judgement, with simple,
unconditional love
Come home to yourselves
Wait not a minute longer
There is nothing more amazing,
more important, more rewarding
It will fill your eyes with tears
It will flood your heart with love
It will connect you with the divine

You Are Loved

Did you know you are loved always?
Do you ever think about that?
Whether you are alone or not
You are ALWAYS loved.

You are never alone, never abandoned
Love is everywhere
It is limitless, boundless
When you open your heart to this
unconditional love it never fails you
It is always there.

As you let go of negative and limiting
beliefs about yourself, about life
As you open to new possibilities
As you trust yourself and this love
You become filled with its essence
Then and only then can you see life
through new eyes
The eyes of a child

You have put walls around your heart
We all have
Walls of fear, hurt, anger, you name it
It’s time to let them down
The opportunity is there for you to do so
Are you going to take it?


Do you see yourself as blessed?
What do you focus on?
I know there is plenty of negativity in this world
I know you have been hurt
But as you change your focus, your thoughts
from negative to positive
As you let go, forgive and move on
You can change what you attract.
For you truly are blessed and the more
you focus on that, the more blessed you become.

Who Is God? Who Am I?

God is in me, around me
God is everywhere and everything
I am God, God is me
All things are God
God is love, energy, power, compassion, wisdom
and so much more
I have these same qualities
They are often hidden in me
I am constantly searching inside
to find these qualities
I know they are there and
the more I know and trust that,
the more I find them
I am not who I thought I was
I am so much more
God’s light is within me
That light is me.

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